Looking back on our 2015, one word stands out: community. From CityCampSF in January at Code for America HQ, to our Mapping the Growing Civic Tech Movement discussion at Civic Hall in NYC, we’ve met so many wonderful folks in the civic innovation space. And we’ve been overwhelmed by the passion, optimism and resolve of those who have joined us for events running the gamut of addressing the digital divide to democracy in the workplace to the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.

This marks the true significance of 2015 for us. More than just a community, there is a movement for civic innovation underfoot, and we are seeing it first hand. Civic hackers, public officials, activists and entrepreneurs alike are understanding the potential to improve civil society by collaborating on solutions in our communities, workplaces and institutions. And, most of all, they are getting involved.

This movement has legs and teeth, and is ready to get things done. Beyond bringing together hundreds of CivicMakers, we’re proud of these accomplishments:

  • We jump-started a conversation around public broadband and bringing internet access to all San Franciscans, resulting in the proposal of important legislation to map the city’s broadband infrastructure.
  • We made significant contributions to the global dialogue about defining civic tech, and the possibilities thereof.
  • As part of Code for San Francisco, our volunteer dev team built a prototype of a knowledge sharing platform for public good projects. More details on this very soon!
  • Our civic consulting services helped groups like Neighborland, Full Circle Fund and Evolver Network better engage their audiences and stakeholders.

As we map out our plans and programs for 2016, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback, either by filling out this 2 minute survey, or joining us in person on January 23 in San Francisco for a Participatory Planning Session (or both!)

And now, a full recap of the people, partners and events of 2015, along with the slideshow above…

11 Events in San Francisco and New York City

Incredible partners

  • Code for San Francisco
  • Code for America
  • SF Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation
  • Startup Policy Lab
  • B Lab
  • Impact Hub SF
  • ELGL
  • IAP2
  • We Vote USA
  • Brigade
  • Long Distance Voter
  • Handup
  • Orange Silicon Valley
  • Community Technology Network
  • FreePress.Net
  • The Greenlining Institute
  • Demand Progress
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Media Alliance
  • Engine
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Internet Archive
  • Fight For the Future
  • Founders Pledge
  • Startups Give Back
  • Civic Hall
  • Microsoft NY

Inspiring and insightful speakers

  • Joy Bonaguro – Chief Data Officer, SF Mayor’s Office
  • Supervisor Mark Farrell – District 2, San Francisco
  • Jay Nath – Chief Innovation Officer, SF Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation
  • Joaquín Torres – Deputy Director/Invest in Neighborhoods, SF Office of Economic and Workforce Development
  • Kristin Hogan – External Affairs Specialist, SF Department of Emergency Management
  • Dan Parham – Founder, Neighborland
  • Francis Zamora – Public Information Officer, SF Department of Emergency
  • Commissioner Catherine Sandoval, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Deborah Acosta, Chief Innovation Officer, City of San Leandro
  • Charles Belle – Founder, Startup Policy Lab
  • Leslie Keil – Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP
  • Kevin Bayuk –  Founder, LIFT Economy
  • Magenta Ceiba – Executive Director, Evolver Network
  • Noah Thorp – Founder, Citizen Code
  • Amy Johnson – Executive Director, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
  • Abby Maldonado – Diversity Programs Specialist, Pinterest
  • Chris Tittle – Director of Organizational Resilience, Sustainable Economies Law Center
  • Michael Canning – ‎Voter Information Director, Map Ligh
  • Debra Cleaver – Founder & Executive Director, Long Distance Voter
  • Jay Costa – Executive Director, CounterPAC
  • Matt Mahan – CEO, Brigade
  • Lauren Massa-Lochridge – Voting Systems Standards Committee
  • Dale McGrew – Founder & Executive Director, We Vote USA
  • Julie Menter – Principal, New Media Ventures
  • Mindy Romero – Founder & Director, California Civic Engagement Project
  • Stéphane Richard – Chairman and CEO, Orange
  • Corynne McSherry – Legal Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • John Paul Farmer -Director of Tech & Civic Innovation, Microsoft NY