Code for America

Code for America is a nonprofit helping government deliver services to the public better using the tools and practices of the digital age. Code for America has worked with thousands of tech industry professionals and government staff to make the most of our tax dollars to help millions of underserved Americans and serve our communities better.

Client need

Code for America has undertaken an effort to enroll all eligible Californians in CalFresh (SNAP) through GetCalFresh, a user-centric mobile-first online service. In order to develop a sustainable revenue model, Code for America sought qualitative and market research expertise from CivicMakers to help understand the funding opportunities available at the California county level.


1. Provided insight and recommendations for GetCalFresh funding opportunities by creating a report from interviews conducted with CalFresh program administrators

2. Identified trends and processes between county, state and federal agencies to procure Software as a Service (SaaS)

3. Added to CfA’s internal body of research for strategic ways to deliver its products and services