CivicMakers Skills – Building an inclusive community

Democracy is more than just a political system, it’s a way of life. It can inform how we treat each other and how we govern ourselves, no matter what the context. In the face of mounting economic, environmental, and social challenges, the time is now for us to embrace equality and inclusivity at every level of society—in the technology we build, in the structure of our communities and workplaces, in the process of our governments.

This month we’re very excited to host our first training on a subject core to our vision of democracy, building an inclusive community. Often, those of us in positions of privilege or power are not aware of subtle behaviors that exclude or even disempower others in our community. Learning to notice and stop common interpersonal violations is a vital step in creating a sustainable community.

Join CivicMaker Jocelyn as she facilitates a class on noticing, accounting for, and stopping destructive gender roles and belief systems. Using emotions, feedback, and empathy, participants will learn to build a unified, welcoming community of equals. Participants will be asked to begin their accountability to the community by agreeing to be on time to class.  

This training will be limited to 15 people, so if you are interested and DEFINITELY available, RSVP now!