Public Input Party at The Hall! CivicMakers, Neighborland, and Tidewater

Democracy is more than just a political system, it’s a way of life. It can inform how we treat each other and how we govern ourselves, no matter what the context. In the face of mounting economic, environmental, and social challenges, the time is now for us to embrace equality and inclusivity at every level of society—in the technology we build, in the structure of our communities and workplaces, in the process of our governments.

This month we’re very excited to host a Public Input Party at The Hall, a new community activation pop-up space in the long-dormant Hollywood Billiards building at 1028 Market St. We’ll learn about how city officials and developers are sponsoring a broad public dialogue to inform the future development of the mid-Market corridor using innovative online-offline tools like Neighborland. And, of course, we’ll party with your public input about 1028 Market St. and the mid-Market Corridor. 

Don’t miss this kick-off event for a series of ongoing conversations with neighborhood residents and community groups about the long-term development at 1028 Market St. Here’s the schedule, feel free to drop by anytime!

  • 5pm – Networking with the best and brightest in SF civictech & govtech
  • 6pm – Welcome and featured speakers
    – Ilana Lipsett, Community Events Manager, The Hall
    – Ross Stackhouse, Vice President, Tidewater Capital
    – Dan Parham, Founder, Neighborland
    – Ellyn Parker, Senior Community Development Specialist, OEWD
  • 7pm – Public input exercise and more networking

There will a cash bar, as well as many delicious food stalls to choose from at The Hall. Come prepared to be inspired!