Leah Tremblay-Adams

Leah Tremblay-Adams

Design Researcher
  • Berkeley, CA

As Design Researcher, Leah supports organizations in engaging key, often underrepresented, stakeholders and helps to meaningfully make sense of inputs gathered across varied research methods. She uses her expertise in data collection, organization and analysis to help generate timely insights to inform a responsive engagement plan or design process. 

Before joining CivicMakers, Leah was developing her passion for cities, community engagement and service design while living and studying in London. She was first inspired by mobility and accessibility afforded by CityMapper and Transport for London (TfL) – which in due course grew into a great appreciation for the hard work of the public sector and the impact of human-centered design. She now pulls from this experience to design systems-conscious research and (further) align public sector programs with those they are intended to serve.  

Leah received a Bachelor’s degree in both Linguistics and Communication from UC Davis, and a Master’s of Science in Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is also a graduate of the CEMS Masters in International Management program; completed in part at her home school (LSE) and at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. 

Today, Leah lives in Berkeley where she can be found roaming the aisles of public libraries, sudoking at myriad coffee shops, or wearing out the soles of her shoes in flânerie.

Education + Certifications

MS, Management | London School of Economics and Political Science
MS, International Management | CEMS
BA, Communication | UC Davis
BA, Linguistics | UC Davis

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