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A team of four deep in discussion during the FUSE Corps Journey Mapping Session. They are standing together in front of a white board where they are mapping a journey for someone accessing health care.

We design and facilitate a wide variety of workshops, trainings, and immersive experiences that meet people where they are and create safe spaces to learn new skills. Training is a cornerstone of all of our offerings because it creates the conditions for employees to develop the skills they need to accomplish their goals.

Our training approach combines human-centered design, reflective practice, and systems thinking into every skill we share. We engage participants through interactive, “learn by doing” activities that serve to reinforce learnings, engender ownership, and build empathy between peers. Each training or workshop infuses the context of the client–whether one department within a city or a cross-departmental team at a state agency. We start with a basic infrastructure for our trainings, then build them out to ensure our content is relevant and meaningful for participants.

We have facilitated hundreds of trainings and workshops for government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Below is a list of some of our recent trainings and workshops. The list is not exhaustive, as almost all of our client engagements involve training and facilitation.
City of Berkeley Change Management Trainings & Coaching

  • The City of San Rafael. Co-created an innovation training and organizational development program to embed a citywide culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • The City of Santa Rosa. Designed and facilitated a strategic planning process with the City’s Community Advisory Board and built capacity through coached implementation.
  • The City of Berkeley. Designed and facilitated change management curriculum to ease the adoption of a new system-wide software platform. We then created, and are now in the process of helping to implement, a citywide change management strategy.
  • California Department of Technology. Facilitate multi-day trainings for state and local government officials through CDT’s open enrollment training program, including Effective Facilitation, Presentations & Storytelling, and Human-Centered Design.