Trainings, Event Design & Facilitation Services

CivicMakers designs and facilitates a range of convenings, trainings, workshops and immersive experiences that meet people where they are and create safe spaces to bring forth diverse perspectives, uncover new insights, inspire teamwork, and lead to action.

We believe in the power of designing with (not for) and often co-design events with key stakeholders to ensure we reflect their unique contexts of individuals, organizations and communities served. Our trained facilitators read the energy of the room and adapt to participant needs as they arise. We engage participants through interactive activities that serve to reinforce learnings, engender ownership, and build empathy between peers.

Culture-Building Convenings

Bringing people together is at the heart of what we do.  We’ll use the same techniques we’ve adapted for our own successful events to grow a culture of empathy and effectiveness in your organization.  


  • Networking events
  • Collaboration Cafes
  • Video chats, webinars and more

Capacity-Building Trainings

Your team can learn from our partnerships with agencies and organizations at the front lines of civic innovation. We’ve distilled tools and techniques that work, and offer them through exciting learning opportunities that serve all career stages and skill levels. Most of these trainings have half-day, full-day, and two-day options.


  • Public Impact Design. Our innovation intro course for the public sector combines human- centered design, systems thinking and personal reflection for effective problem-solving.  
  • Strategic Planning. Learn how to create a strategic roadmap that directly connects what your organization does on a daily basis with how it achieves the overall mission.
  • Change Management. Help your staff create a shared urgency, sustain momentum, and align systems and structures that support your transformation so it sticks.
  • Community Engagement. Using tested in-person methods and the latest online tools, we’ll teach you how to supercharge your engagement to be reflective of your entire community.
  • Meeting Management & Facilitation. Increase your effectiveness and efficiency with tested meeting techniques for better agendas, getting buy-in and achieving consensus.

Problem-Solving Workshops

For organizations ready to get down to work, we provide an array of engaging, effective workshops designed to harness the creativity and insight of participants to produce actionable deliverables.


  • Visioning. Create a shared vision providing everyone within your organization or project with a clear picture of a positive future.
  • Challenge Statement Definition. We work with your team to understand the root causes of a particular challenge with broad-based input from multiple stakeholders.
  • Ideation. We use a variety of proven techniques to unleash creative idea generation from your team.
  • Co-creation & Prototyping. With a clear vision, challenge and big ideas at the ready, we’ll help your team co-create a solution to test across your stakeholder universe.

Immersive Innovation Engagements

Often it takes time, effort and commitment to reap the rewards of culture change. We provide organizations with tested models for embracing innovation that lead to real results.


  • Design Challenge. This exciting approach harnesses the passion and skill of your team, department, organization and community to collaboratively create solutions for validated challenge statements over the course of a fun, productive weekend.
  • Learning Lab. This 12-week training program was co-designed with staff at the City of San Rafael to build capacity for creative problem solving. Participants work in small teams to use human-centered design to solve a real challenge, while skilling up on project management, effective communications and more.

Our upcoming trainings are listed below. If you’re interested in a custom training, workshop, or convening for your organization, group, or community, contact us at

Upcoming Trainings

There are no upcoming events at this time.


We work hard to make sure our trainings are worth your time, but don’t just take our word for it!

  • “It was so awesome to be able to have the tools to listen to a problem and systematically develop solutions. Also, I am a hands-on learner, so the project-based learning was very helpful.” – Content Strategist, Office of Innovation

  • “It was a fun creative way to apply a new thought process to our daily work!” – Director, Office of Civic Engagement

  • “Great mix of learning systems/design thinking ideas and putting them into practice.” – County Logistics Manager

  • “Loved this – so useful. Will be thinking about it a lot in the days and weeks to come!” – Civic Technology Consultant