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Case study: City of Mountain View Strategic Roadmap

Creating a bold yet realistic roadmap to guide an innovative city


To create a strategic plan that is bold in its vision for the future but also grounded in a realistic assessment of staff and resource constraints, we knew we needed to facilitate careful deliberation by the City Council and meaningful engagement by the community and City staff.

Our process layered engagements with various stakeholder groups to build toward the vision, priorities, and action plan.

After an initial study session with city council to understand their needs and desired outcomes, we hosted two online community workshops and several focus groups (in Spanish and Mandarin) where residents shared their hopes for the future of the city and identified the most important priorities to achieve that future.

Following a second city council study session, we engaged staff across departments to review Council’s list of projects in accordance with department capacity and clarify any outstanding questions.

Once a city council approved a draft vision statement and list of strategic priorities and projects, we went back to the community with an online survey to confirm alignment.


By synthesizing community, staff and city council input, we crafted the following vision statement:

“A welcoming, vibrant city that plans intentionally and leads regionally to create livable, sustainable neighborhoods, access to nature and open spaces, and a strong, innovation-driven local economy.”

In addition, we learned that the community, council and staff see the following items as priorities for the city:

  • Community for All
  • Mobility & Connectivity
  • Livability & Quality of Life
  • Intentional Development & Housing Options
  • Sustainability & Climate Resiliency
  • Economic Vitality
  • Organizational Strength & Good Governance


The City of Mountain View Strategic Roadmap sets forth a vision and seven strategic priorities to guide the future of the City. The two-year Action Plan establishes the top projects to help accomplish the vision and strategic priorities during Fiscal Years 2021-22 and 2022-23.

You can read the full Strategic Roadmap here.

“CivicMakers was a great partner with the City of Hayward in preparing our first Citywide strategic plan that was unanimously approved by our City Council. We would definitely work with them again.”

Jennifer Ott Deputy City Manager, City of Hayward