Public Impact Design Training

Human-centered problem solving for public practitioners

The design and delivery of public services requires passion, patience, creativity and grit. Government and nonprofit staff can benefit from the tools, techniques and strategies that drive innovation in the private sector. But the greater complexity and higher stakes of  public impact requires new, interdisciplinary approaches.

Drawing from our experience on the front lines of civic innovation, community engagement, and digital strategy with cities and agencies across California, we’ve developed a solution – Public Impact Design.

Public Impact Design training blends human-centered design with systems thinking and reflective practice – three powerful, collaborative frameworks for problem-solving and creating change within systems, organizations, and individuals.

In this hands-on training, participants:

  • apply the Public Impact Design process to your real life challenges
  • learn tools and activities for navigating complexity by thinking in systems
  • practice strategies to help surface the “know-how” from ourselves and our colleagues
  • join a community of practice to share stories, successes and lessons-learned

Here’s what people are saying about it:

  • “Loved this – so useful. Will be thinking about it a lot in the days and weeks to come!” – Civic Technology Consultant
  • “Lots of fun, very informative and engaging. Looking forward to more!” – Government Innovation Strategist

Read more about the framework here.