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Anti-Racist Co-Ideation Session

A Call for Anti-Racist Civic Action (Co-Ideation Session)

Reflection + Ideation session for the civic design field to co-create actionable steps to address systemic oppression hosted by CivicMakers

As many people of privilege wake up to the need to more closely examine their role in systemic oppression, the CivicMakers team has been taking a pause of reflection to both better understand our complicity, and chart a more explicit path for how we can contribute to true systemic change. Now, we hope to extend this conversation to the CivicMakers community and wider civic design field, where we sense a shared commitment to undoing oppressive systems and a growing potential to collaborate on anti-racist action.

CivicMakers is hosting a reflection and ideation session for our community of practitioners to co-create some actionable steps for the civic design field to play a more meaningful role in addressing systemic racial oppression and inequities. We acknowledge we don’t have all the answers. Thus, this session will be an open dialogue to share the challenges we’re facing in (1) our individual roles and capacities, (2) within our teams or organizations, and (3) throughout our field, as well as the strategies we are taking to combat them. We encourage you to reflect on your challenges and strategies ahead of time.

Event Details


July 15, 2020


10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Online Event