• Collaborative problem solving for public impact

We help governments, nonprofits, and social enterprises create human-centered solutions to achieve their missions and scale their impact.

San Rafael Learning Lab

Together with a diverse team of staff from across the City, we co-created a change management strategy and training program to embed a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that translates to more responsive delivery of services and resident satisfaction.

“Public Voice” Civic User Testing Group

With our partners at the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) and Microsoft, we co-create a new program that allows any CCSF department or agency to connect to a diverse group of community members, collect real-time feedback, and use the input to improve City services.

Fremont Smart City Action Plan

In collaboration with a cross-departmental team, we developed a living Smart City strategy. The Smart City Action Plan includes vision, values, and a categorization of existing and future projects, along with a set of criteria that will allow the Action Team to prioritize opportunities as they emerge.

We offer collaborative frameworks for designing effective organizations, programs & services.

Improve Programs & Services

Strategic Planning
Service Design
Policy & Program Development
Research & Evaluation

Increase Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement
Communications Strategy
Workshop & Event Facilitation
Marketing & Sales Strategy

Build Capacity

Training & Professional Development
Organizational Change Management
Digital Transformation
Project Management


We understand the civic innovation and government technology landscape. Our multi-disciplinary team has worked across sectors with the leading civic organizations.