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We believe in the power of inclusive, collaborative design to shape a better world.

What We Do

We unearth insights and co-create solutions to public challenges through strategic planning, community engagement and human-centered design.


For every challenge, we come in with an open mindset and an inquisitive spirit. We help surface insights by engaging individual people where they are, in the way that is most accessible to them.


We dive deep to understand people’s pain points, needs, hopes, and fears. We examine how people relate to each other, and make visible the multiple, intersecting, and layered systems and perspectives that affect decision-making.


We know what works in the real world, understand the unique challenges of the public sector, and want to see our partners continue to succeed. That’s why we work with our partners to turn learning into tools that build their capacity to take on future challenges.


A team of pragmatic optimists

CivicMakers is a strategic consultancy and community of practitioners that believe in the power of inclusive, collaborative design. We envision a world where every person has the tools, skills, and capacities to advance collaborative decision-making, and every community has what they need to co-create solutions.

Who we work with

“Hands down best vendor partnership I’ve experienced in my public sector career … making a difference!”

Kelli Parmley Assistant Director of Human Resources, City of San Jose