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Resource Library Workshop Series: Journey Mapping

Learn how the City of San Jose maps the experience of people across processes.

Welcome to our Resource Library Workshop Series where we share one of the tried-and-true tools from our online Resource Library.

Almost anything can be mapped as a process experienced over time.

A journey map is a tool to contextualize a stakeholder’s experience over time, typically from their awareness of a need through to satisfying that need. It combines two powerful tools: storytelling and visualization.

Join us in our first Resource Library Workshop Series to learn how the City of San Jose uses Journey Maps in our signature Learning Lab program, and how the tool has been adopted throughout the City. Our friend and Smart City Manager, Erik Jensen, will share some of our favorites from the Learning Lab and other efforts at the City.

Over 90 minutes, we’ll share examples, then workshop how you might bring this simple, effective tool to your organization, teams and projects! You’ll get your own template from our Resource Library, along with input on how and when to use it.

This is a free workshop, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood CivicMakers and a valued partner, the City of San Jose.

Event Details


February 24, 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm