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Case study: Napa Valley Transportation Authority Countywide Plan

Crafting a transportation plan informed by community needs and challenges

To inform their 2045 Countywide Transportation Plan, the Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) needed to understand community transportation needs, concerns, and priorities. We ran a parallel online-offline engagement program that focused on reaching those who rely most on public transportation.


We created an interactive website for sharing project information and updates and collecting community input via interactive maps and survey components. The website was available in English, Spanish and Filipino. We also offered an integrated way to share input via text message.

We hosted a series of pop-up workshops (Spanish and English) throughout the County – both as standalone events and alongside key popular community gatherings, like the local farmer’s markets, Boys and Girls Clubs, and at Senior Centers.

These public feedback opportunities were promoted through NVTA’s mailing lists, social media, and poster ads at transit stops and on buses. To ensure accessibility for those without easy access to a computer or smartphone, the ads offered a way for people to submit ideas through text message.

We wrapped up the project by creating an informational video overview of the draft plan and inviting community input via a collaborative PDF commenting tool. We wrapped up with a virtual open house.


We heard from the community that the most pressing transportation needs included:

  • Traffic congestion relief
  • Improved roadway safety
  • Sustainability, including walking, biking and transit
  • Maintenance and repair of the existing transportation system
  • Equity and economic vitality

We also heard that community members appreciated the various, convenient ways to engage with this project.


The community engagement process helped NVTA shape a vision for improved mobility in Napa County in 2045 and helped NVTA to build a project list to achieve that vision. The NVTA Board approved the following Countywide Transportation Plan goals, which respond to many of the needs identified by community members:

  • Meet the transportation needs of the entire community regardless of age, income or ability
  • Improve safety across the transportation system
  • Use taxpayer dollars efficiently
  • Promote economic sustainability across the County
  • Increase energy efficiency and minimize resource use across the transportation system
  • Prioritize the maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing system