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We design and facilitate engaging meetings, workshops, trainings and immersive collaboration experiences for teams and organizations. Community is our DNA, and bringing people together is at the heart of what we do, both online and in real life.

Our facilitation approach meets people where they are and creates safe spaces for listening, learning and making change. We start with a discovery process to learn about your audience, and inform a thoughtfully designed meeting that leverages the right facilitation method to achieve meaningful outcomes, such as:

  • Bringing forth diverse perspectives from groups by ensuring every voice holds an equal weight, especially those who may not always feel comfortable or encouraged to step up to share.
  • Uncovering new insights together from the ideas and perspectives shared, and helping to synthesize in real time.
  • Inspiring teamwork by providing a venue to uncover shared challenges, opportunities and excitement.
  • Identifying actionable next steps collaboratively that participants can move forward with immediately.

We have facilitated hundreds of meetings of all kinds and sizes, formats and contexts, from city council and board retreats, to public workshops and design charrettes, to team and organizational planning meetings. The focus of every meeting is different, and we’ve led meetings such as:

  • Visioning. Create a shared vision that will provide everyone within your organization or project with a clear picture of a positive future.
  • Problem definition. We work with your team to help you clearly define and align around the problem you are trying to address.
  • Ideation. We use a variety of proven techniques to unleash creative idea generation from your team or stakeholders.
  • Consensus building. When your team or organization is struggling to work together effectively, we can help you to air grievances, find common ground and move forward together.

Depending on your intended outcomes, we can draw from many meeting styles and facilitation techniques, such as consensus-based dialogue, World Cafe, innovation methodology, and many more. We’re comfortable hosting your meeting in person or, if public health guidelines require, online. We’ll make it engaging either way!

Check out our Learning Lab for a cohort model we’ve developed to improve collaborative problem-solving for public sector professionals, as well as our many training offerings.