City of Berkeley Change Management Trainings & Coaching

Client Need

The City of Berkeley needed a partner with expertise in human-centered change management to design and facilitate trainings intended to build internal staff capacity around the multi-year rollout of a new software system.

Our Approach

The CivicMakers team came onboard to help the City of Berkeley develop the necessary skills to implement their upcoming software (ERP system) transition. Working collaboratively with the City, we co-designed a training curriculum that would equip participating staff for their role as change managers. This included trainings in human-centered change management, conflict resolution, and empathic listening.

The City has since asked CivicMakers to extend our scope by providing City leadership continued support for the ongoing change management initiative. Throughout implementation (to-date) we have provided numerous services, including: management coaching, training facilitation, curriculum design, creation of organization-wide communications, and the development of materials, including manuals and process diagrams, to support staff in transition.


  1. Design and facilitation of trainings for change managers, including human-centered change management, conflict resolution, and empathic listening
  2. Ongoing change leadership coaching for the change management team
  3. Oversight of organization-wide communications, training manuals and supporting materials
  4. Ongoing co-creation of change management strategies by department and division to support current and upcoming rollouts


  • Client: City of Berkeley
  • Dates: Feb 2018 – ongoing
  • Services: Training, facilitation, change management, management coaching, strategy, implementation
  • Team: Judi Brown, Cristelle Blackford, Jim Rettew, Leah Tremblay-Adams