Startup in Residence Program

Client Need

Startup in Residence connects government agencies with innovative startups to develop technology products that address civic challenges. The 16-week program builds upon the City and County of San Francisco’s successful 2014 “Entrepreneurship in Residence” pilot initiative, which produced 6 technology product innovations designed to meet local government needs. The 2016 STIR program includes Oakland, San Leandro, and West Sacramento.

The San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation wished to expand STIR from a single city to a regional program. They needed a partner who had intimate knowledge of both public and private sector contexts, along with training, marketing and program strategy capacity to grow this signature initiative.

Our Approach

CivicMakers has been helping to manage and respond to the unique needs of each group while simultaneously engaging the larger government technology community for workshops, lunch and learns and other community gatherings. The 2016 STIR program added the cities of Oakland, San Leandro, and West Sacramento. In 2017, STIR has expanded to include cities across California and internationally.

In 2016, we developed and facilitated a 16-week training curriculum for both government staff and startups to facilitate their collaboratively-developed software solutions for civic challenges. This entails capacity building and bridging cultural differences on both sides; educating startups about how to work with government and visa-versa. We were hired back to provide program oversight and facilitate trainings for the 2017 and 2018 cohort as well.  


  1. Developed and facilitated 16 week training curriculum for both government staff and technology companies to facilitate their collaboration developed software solutions for civic challenges.
  2. Provided oversight and support for STIR partner cities of Oakland, San Leandro and West Sacramento, as well as the startups and city staff working with those teams.
  3. Produced 300-person STIR 2016 Demo Day for government innovation thought leaders, program participants and general public to learn about solutions developed by the STIR 2016 cohort.
  4. Developed marketing marketing and content strategy to promote STIR as the premier government innovation program and grow program internationally in 2017 and beyond.
  5. Launched process for 2017 cohort building and improving upon successes of 2016.


  • Client: City & County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation (MOCI)/
  • Dates: April 2015 – ongoing
  • Services: Project management, training, facilitation, event planning, evaluation
  • Team: Lawrence Grodeska, Judi Brown, Denise Cheng, Lauren Caldwell