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Case study: San Francisco Recreation and Open Space Element (ROSE) Evaluation

Convening 15+ agencies to coordinate open space projects across San Francisco

The Recreation and Open Space Element of the San Francisco General Plan (ROSE) encapsulates the City’s vision for providing beautiful, well maintained, accessible, safe, and ecologically vibrant public spaces of all kinds. We convened key agencies to coordinate on implementation.

Photo credit: SF Parks Alliance


The San Francisco Planning Department wanted to assess progress toward implementing the Recreation and Open Space Element (ROSE) while also identifying new opportunities. We worked with the San Francisco Parks Alliance to assemble a cross-agency working group (the ROSE Action Team), which brought together the 15+ agencies with purview over open space in the City and County of San Francisco. Through the Action Team we were able to identify gaps in ROSE implementation and opportunities for future projects and collaboration.


Through the cross-agency collaboration of the Action Team we were able to identify gaps in ROSE implementation and opportunities for future projects. Critically, we confirmed the need for an internal open space project tracking tool and a public inventory of all open space in San Francisco across all public jurisdictions.

By way of our analysis for the open space tracker, we surfaced those ROSE projects either not being done or lacking clarity around ownership. Through conversation with the Action Team, we also identified policies in the ROSE that did not have clear direction as well as opportunities for ongoing intra-agency collaboration.


To fill the need identified by the client and the Action Team, we designed and deployed the ROSE Implementation Project Tracker that allows staff across agencies to directly access, manage and report on project information.

To create the Project Tracker we:

  • evaluated software services and selected the right tool (Airtable) to meet key requirements
  • designed a data model to properly structure project data
  • collected, cleaned and migrated data into Airtable
  • validated data and generated key reports, and
  • provided online forms for adding additional projects and sharing annual project status update.

With this newly accessible data, the project team was able to conduct a thorough gap analysis and make recommendations for projects to shore up ROSE implementation through intra-agency collaboration.

“This was a unique and first-of-its-kind cross-department collaboration. CivicMakers’ creative, open-minded, and experienced approach resulted in a tool that sparks excitement and commitment to sharing data, which is no small feat!”

Kaitlin Strange Associate Director of Planning and Project Delivery, San Francisco Parks Alliance