Our Services

With the impacts of COVID-19 still becoming clear, communities, organizations and governments are struggling to adapt. Learn more about our online & remote services that can support your critical projects and continued services delivery.

Through our consulting practice, we help our clients improve programs and services, engage their communities, and apply more effective problem-solving methods.

Our team is a group of highly experienced, cross-disciplinary, super fun human beings. We have worked across sectors with the leading civic agencies and organizations. We co-create and test solutions with you to learn what works in the real world and strive for replicable, adaptable, evidence-based results.

Improve Programs & Services

  • Strategic Planning

    We collaborate with you to create a living plan with vision, mission, values, goals, objectives, initiatives, and a target timeline to form a direct line of sight between your daily operations and your mission.

  • Service Design

    We investigate, design, and build better government and nonprofit services with you and your key stakeholders to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and customer service.

  • Policy & Program Development

    We help you work with key stakeholders to develop new programs and policies based on national best practices, from open data policies and digital democracy programs to smart city roadmaps and agile government processes.

  • Research & Evaluation

    From ethnography to market research, we apply rigorous quantitative and qualitative methods to uncover actionable insights. We help you build evaluation frameworks, often with metrics sourced directly from the audiences you serve.

Increase Engagement

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    We design and conduct community-wide outreach programs that focus on meeting people where they are, whether that’s the public park, shopping mall, or online, with a focus on reaching under-engaged groups.

  • Communications Strategy

    We help you tell the right story through compelling, consistent messaging. We work with you to hone your brand strategy and identify the best outlets and tools for robust communications that reach diverse groups.

  • Workshop & Event Facilitation

    We design and facilitate engaging meetings and workshops that incorporate inclusive, collaborative, and transparent group processes. We are certified by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy

    Our marketing know-how helps you build stronger relationships with key audiences by developing the best product or service, understanding the competitive landscape and crafting your unique brand positioning.

Build Capacity

  • Training & Professional Development

    Drawing on our cross-sector experience, our trainings build more innovative, effective organizations from the ground up. Workshops include Human-Centered Design, Agile for Government, Community Engagement and more.

  • Organizational Change Management

    We provide meaningful opportunities for stakeholders at all levels of the organization to engage in defining problems and designing solutions in a way that builds lasting change and cultivates a culture of ownership, engagement and continual improvement.

  • Digital Transformation

    We partner with you to craft a strategic roadmap to integrate digital tools and approaches into your organization, from information and operational systems to community engagement and open data.

  • Project Management

    We specialize in managing initiatives that spur public sector innovation. We keep teams and projects on track by working smart and lean to reduce risk, deliver often, and increase impact.


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